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Not So Bitchy's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Not So Bitchy

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[26 May 2003|07:24pm]

You bitches been quiet.

Guess you don't have the stamina to stick it out. You don't get born a cast iron bitch, it takes years of work and dedication.

Give me that tiara BITCH

We were cheering at a game last week, the team so suck, it's agony to watch them. This blimp from the other tream cheerleaders walks over and starts giveing us lip about the team. She was playing way above her legue. We, like, totally ripped her a new one and sent her back with her tail between her legs.
Slap A Bitch

[27 Oct 2002|12:55am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

So, Patrick, thought it would be fun, to get me to dress up, and go to a Halloween Party at this Club...

He SAID it would be as good as Club Skunk... so, I believed him...

And now, he's in so much shit...

Okay, first, I haven't seen so many asshole males in my life... it was like they cloned Joey Donner twenty times and put them all in the same room.

Then, instead of playing good music, or wait, even half way DECENT music, they played rap... all night...

Oh but wait, there were breaks, for live people to sing... oh wait, I mean, RAP.

It was ridiculous...

What was worse? He caught up with some of his buddies and managed to forget that I was even there...

So, I left. I took MY car, and I drove off... I don't even think he knew I left.

Whatever! I don't need that, nor do I NEED him.

So why do I WANT him around?


Slap A Bitch

Grrr... [19 Oct 2002|05:32pm]

I really can't say much, Buffy has taken this whole big sister thing way to far. My friends come over and she tries to be cool and yet be mom too, like umm me and my friends were watching some T.V. and totally piging out on some munchies from the kitchen, Buffy walks in and says...
"Hey girls having fun?"
and we all answer
and she says
"Great *big smile*... Dawn can I see you in the kitchen"

So I go to the kitchen and what do I get but a big lecture about having more then one friend in the house and getting into things in the kitchen.. I can understand why everyone wants to kill her, she is so on my evil people list... GRR
Slap A Bitch

Dawson ... the asswhole [18 Oct 2002|12:37pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Dawson Slept with me when he had a girlfriend.

I've loved him since we were like 13 and i've been waiting, and dammit he' sbeen waiting and he fucking slept with me witout telling me he had a girlfriend. then he broke up with her the next morning ...


Slap A Bitch

Ugh. [15 Oct 2002|12:24pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Wonder boy is such a pain in the ass.

Breaks into my house and takes the firing pin out of my gun just so he can give me another damn cryptic message.

He flashed that smirk of his.

So I smirked back.

After I kneed him.

Take the toys away from the bitch, but the bitch can still play dirty.

Slap A Bitch

[13 Oct 2002|06:08pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

God damn Tyler Creed!

I went out to my car to get something, a present for John when I was attacked, I smelled the wolf on them. I bit off one of their hands and tried to get away, but someone else grabbed me, drugging me in the process. I woke up in this cabin, like some caged animal. I won't give in to them.

I'll tear off all of their limbs before I become apart of this clan.

Slap A Bitch

.... [12 Oct 2002|08:35pm]

Well today has been aweful for the most part... I mean aren't your friends supposed to cheer you up? I finally get ungrounded, so I was like oh ok, I will go over to Janice's house. So I go over there and we are hanging out and stuff and she says "Oh so can I borrow that really cool blue top of yours, it will look great with my skirt" and I was like "Sure, why are you getting all dressed up?" she paused for a minute or so and then slowly stated "Well there is a party tonight and I am going and I just can't wear plain old school stuff" I jumped up off the bed all excited and said "Party thats awesome what should I wear" she just looked at me and then said "Well you sorta can't go, I love you Dawn your like my best friend but Bobby said that it isn't for losers.. I don't think your a loser just some people think your weird thats all" I can't believe she said that and on top of it... I LIKE BOBBY!! So now I get to deal with bossy Buffy , no bobby and a friend like Janice! I just have to say that I hate my life!! Ok thats it I am sneaking out and going to the Bronze.
Slap A Bitch

[12 Oct 2002|07:40am]

[ mood | bored ]

It's hard to keep up with this thing, I've got so much going on and Kat's being a total freak as always, storming around complaining about guys.

Well I guess she's got a point, guys can be real jerks sometimes.. Cameron told me that my hair was a mess the other day, he even tried to fix it for me! Uh! What does he know about my hair? It looked good! I spent ages making sure of that before I left the house... it all sounds so innocent doesn't it? Well it could have been but it kind of turned into a huge fight and I went home and left him to watch the rest of the movie alone.

I'm still mad about that.

~* Bianca *~

Slap A Bitch

Argh... [10 Oct 2002|04:57pm]

Well... What can I say.. Hey it's great to be here? Well Buffy is really really making me mad... She is such a bitch all she ever does is boss me around. She thinks she is my mother but she isn't she is my sister, my undead boinking sister!!

One of these days I will make her sorry!
Slap A Bitch

[09 Oct 2002|10:22pm]


It's nice to actually find some fellow bitches, some who aren't apart of my clan.

Power hungry beasts......especially Tyler Creed.

*smirks* I'm the one that you fear when out in the woods at night. The one watching you and hunting you.

I'm the huntress and you are the prey.
Slap A Bitch

[08 Oct 2002|01:41pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

Guys! They're such arrogant, chauvinistic, PIGS!

Patrick, who has had NO problems taking me to Club Skunk on other occasions, says that he can't take me to the Save Ferris show tonight because it's too "girly" there.

What the hell?!

I guess Cameron is being a typical male to Bianca too. She's been in her room sulking all day.

And Joey Donner. I thought I'd get out of high school, he'd leave, and I'd be able to rid myself of him for good, right?

Hardly. He's still around, and still as misogynous as ever.

I knew I should have gone to Sarah Laurence.


Slap A Bitch

stupid humans [06 Oct 2002|06:03am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Things would probably be so much easier if I wasn't half human. I'm stuck with all these emotions and obligations and none of it's working out. I have to go to school and then there are boys and my family and that's just the human stuff. All I want to do is go home... my real home. Off this planet home, and find out who I really am. I'm a princess, maybe not here, but I am there. That sounds so much better then doing Chemistry homework.

Slap A Bitch

Who said Bitch? [03 Oct 2002|01:37am]

Well hello ladies

Nice to know i'm not alone. Just got back from feeding time. You do know what that is right? Feeding time.

I bet your blood would fill my veins nicely
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Alright, so I'm in a good mood... [18 Sep 2002|06:22am]

but that doesn't mean I can't post in the bitchy community, right? Good. Actually, I just wanted to rub in how much happier then the rest of you that I am. I am dating the sweetest guy in the world and loving every minute of it. Take that bitches. ::smile::

Damn... off to school.
Slap A Bitch

[11 Sep 2002|06:32am]

[ mood | amused ]

You know what sucks? When your step father is a complete douche bag!

Share my ass...

I'll shut him up, he's kind of young, good candidate for a 'keep your mouth shut I'm the boss' sexual favor.

Mm.. good idea Kathryn! More on that later.

Kathryn xx

Slap A Bitch

[23 Aug 2002|08:52am]

[ mood | horny ]

When a girl is this horny it's simply common curtesy to screw her.

Any offers?

Kathryn xx

Slap A Bitch

[18 Aug 2002|01:22am]

[ mood | hot ]

Mandella and I went to a show tonight at Club Skunk.

Seems like that's how I start off most of these repetitive entries.

Veruca Salt was playing. They're not half bad. I didn't want to go, but Mandella talked me into it. Why would I want to go see a band that was good at one point, and then completely sold out? It's against everything I believe in.

Patrick didn't want to come. Had some stuff to do with the "guys"

Can you believe that, he has "guys" now. Patrick, Mr. I Hate Everyone.

From what I hear, tonight him and Cameron hung out. Wonder what Bianca did.


Slap A Bitch

Bitch! [17 Aug 2002|09:10pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

That stupid bitch, Kathryn Merteuil, called me up today! Bitching to me on the phone about how she found another copy of Sebastian's journal. How they got there, I have no idea. I didn't do it! I just wish the bitch would leave me alone. It's not enough for her to kill her own brother, now she has to come after his girlfriend when he's dead.

God, how pathetic can you be?

Some of you may be wondering what happened to me being all sweet and innocent. Kathryn happned, that's what! That bitch is going to pay for being all whiny all these years. She better watch her back...

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Fucked up shit! [17 Aug 2002|03:42pm]

[ mood | horny ]

I had the most retarded day, not only is my mother postponing her vacation, so I have to be stuck in the house with her for another couple of days, but she also came across one of Annette 'frigid' Hargrove's copies of Sebastian's fucking journal... I thought they'd all been destroyed... she's not the most pleasant woman to be around at the best of times... and she cancelled my Mediterranean masseuse... damn it mother, I was really looking forward to fucking his brains out.

Ah well, tomorrow's another day and the vibrator sure has been collecting dust.

Anyways... I came online to see what all the geeks do for fun and I was rudely invaded by a couple of freaks.

Each to their own... fucking inbred losers


Click If You're InterestedCollapse )

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Too right. Pucker up bitches [04 Aug 2002|08:01pm]

kiss ass

Your Ass Should Be Kissed!

While you won't let anyone stick it,

You expect *everyone* to lick it.

What Ass Do *You* Have??
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